Plastic Bins

We've got some rubber maid storage bins we are giving away for free while they last!

Doreen Daligcon

Employee rippin getting front shot of surline last week!  Saweet!

Marley Headphones

Our collection of Marley headphones just got re-stocked!  

Portabale speakers too!

Boxes and Packaging

Need some boxes or packaging?  We've got some to give away free!  The company we used to give our boxes and packaging to is going out of business and we would like to continue to pass these supplies on to anyone else who may need them:-) 

Sorry Pumpkin the cat is not part of the give away;0

New fall/winter hours


 Sadly to say daylight savings is here and the only thing we all like about it is the extra hour.  Sooo here are our hours until we spring forward.

Sun/Mon 9-5

Tue-Sat 9-6